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Circulars from School

Notification Number Name of Circular Attachment (in Softcopy)
  001/2017Information for Parents of Primary 1  001_17.pdf
 002/2017 Information for Parents of Primary 2  002_17.pdf 
 003/2017 Information for Parents of Primary 3   003_17.pdf
 004/2017Information for Parents of Primary 6 004_17.pdf 
005/2017  Information for Parents of Primary 5  005_17.pdf 
006/2017  Information for Parents of Primary 4  006_17.pdf
007/2017 Holistic Assessment Briefing and Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) for Primary 1 007_17.pdf 
  010/2017  Collection of money for Stellar worksheets  010_17.pdf
 011/2017Safety Related Matters 011_17.pdf 
012/2017 P5 Curriculum Briefing 2017  012_17.pdf
 014/2017  Primary 3 Swimming Programme  014_17.pdf
 017/2017Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) for Primary 2  017_17.pdf
  018/2017Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) for Primary 3  018_17.pdf
 019/2017 Continual Assessment 1 (CA1) Schedule for Primary 3-6 Pupils 019_17.pdf 
020/2017  Lunar New Year Celebration 2017 020_17.pdf 
 022/2017 Holistic Assessment Plan and Calendar for P1-P2 Pupils (Semester 1) - P1 022_17.pdf 
  022/2017Holistic Assessment Plan and Calendar for P1-P2 Pupils (Semester 1) - P2  022a_17.pdf
 025/2017  MOE Sexuality Education in Schools - The Growing Years Programme  025_17.pdf
028/2017  PSLE Briefing cum Parent-Teacher Meeting for Primary 6  028_17.pdf
030/2017  P3 and P4 Science Process Skills Workshop for Parents  030_17.pdf
032/2017 Jiemin Primary P3 to P6 Games Day Carnival 2017  032_17.pdf
033/2017  P5 Outdoor Adventure Camp 2017  033_17.pdf 
 034/2017 (1) Subject Based Banding (SBB) Briefing cum Parent-Teacher Meeting for Primary 4  (1) 034_17.pdf
036/2017 Weekly Communication via Tok-Tok Application for P2 Parents  036_17.pdf
 027/2017  National Physical Fitness Award/Assessment (NAPFA) Test 027_17.pdf
  041/2017Edusave Standing Order For Enrichment Programmes   041_17.pdf
042/2017 Supplementary Lessons for P6 Pupils 
(Term 2 and June Vacation)  
 045/2017 Poem Recitation by P2 Level 045_17.pdf 
 046/2017 English Workshop for Parents of Primary 1 Students  046_17.pdf 
 047/2017Semestral Assessment (SA1) Schedule for Primary 3 - 6 Pupils  047_17.pdf 
 048/2017Survey for P1 Registration of Children for Registration in 2018 048_17.pdf 
049/2017  Code for Fun P4049_17.pdf 
 050/2017P5 and P6 Science Assessment workshop for Parents 050_17.pdf 
 051/2017PSG Recruitment 051_17.pdf 
 054/2017P2 Learning Journey to Jacob Ballas 054_17.pdf 
056/2017 Travel Declaration  056_17.pdf
 066/2017 Holistic Assessment Calendar for Semester 2 066_17.pdf
 068/2017 Supplementary Classes for P6068_17.pdf 
072/2017  CA2 Mother Tongue for P3072_17.pdf 
075/2017  Mother Tongue P5 e-Oral Workshop for Parents075_17.pdf 
076/2017  National Day Celebrations 2017 076_17.pdf
077/2017 Book Fair  077_17.pdf
078/2017 PSLE Oral Exam (17 & 18 Aug 2017)  078_17.pdf
079/2017  SA2 Examinations 2017 079_17.pdf
081/2017  Participation / Achievement of Pupils for Holistic Report Card 2017 081_17.pdf
 082/2017 Dates for SA2 Oral for P3 to P5 Pupils082_17.pdf 
 082/2017 Annual School Based Health Screening085_17.pdf 
086/2017  2017 SA2 Schedule for P2 to P5 Pupils 086_17.pdf
087/2017  Release of report books for P1 to P6 pupils087_17.pdf 
089/2017  WWF Eco-School Core Team 089_17.pdf