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Year 2011

Happy Toilet Program 2011

Jiemin Primary School’s Happy Toilet Program has been awarded the GOLD STAR Award by the Restroom Association of Singapore (RAS). This is the second consecutive year in which the school has been awarded the GOLD Star Award. Hence, we have also been awarded the PLATINUM STAR for our sustained achievement.
Special thanks to the 2011 P2 pupils for their impressive artwork which was used to decorate the toilets, P2 form teachers, as well as Mr Choo and his team.
Let us continue to maintain the cleanliness and aesthetic quality of our school’s toilets.

tn.Happy Toilet 2011 - 1.jpg.mid.jpg
Mdm Tan Gek Hiang (2 Honesty) and Mdm Sulastry (2 Diligence), Year 2011

tn.Happy Toilet 2011 - 2.jpg.mid.jpg
Mdm Tan Gek Hiang (2 Honesty) and Mdm Sulastry (2 Diligence), Year 2011

tn.Happy Toilet 2011 - 3.jpg.mid.jpg
Miss Grace Mathew (2 Kindness) and Mr Hairi (2 Grace), Year 2011

tn.Happy Toilet 2011 - 4.jpg.mid.jpg
Miss Grace Mathew (2 Kindness) and Mr Hairi (2 Grace), Year 2011

tn.Happy Toilet 2011 - 5.jpg.mid.jpg
Miss Cai Ai Mei (2 Joy) and Mrs Tanuja Suraj (2 Care), Year 2011
  tn.Happy Toilet 2011 - 6.jpg.mid.jpg
Miss Cai Ai Mei (2 Joy) and Mrs Tanuja Suraj (2 Care), Year 2011
tn.Happy Toilet 2011 - 7.jpg.mid.jpg
Let’s keep our toilets clean by observing the 5 easy steps of toilet etiquette!

Taekwondo Poomsae Championship 2011

Our TKD Club’s Achievements at Whampoa CC TKD Poomsae Championship 2011 held on 3 September 2011.
Poomsae Primary (Junior Division) Green-Blue Belt  – GOLD Medal
Group members:
  1. Lim Xie Xian  (3G)
  2. Nazarul Hamzah (4G)
  3. Putri Ayu Maslyanna Bte N (6D)
  4. Nur Jannah (5H)
  5. Nur Raudhah (6D)
Poomsae Primary (Junior Division) Yellow Belt  – BRONZE Medal
Group members:
  1. Daphne Lee Jia Xin (4G)
  2. Dan Vhon (3H)
  3. Ng Jie Qi, Charmaine (5K)
  4. Ang An Qi (5K)
  5. Joyce Nayome Valerio (4K)

Boys' Brigade

The Boys’ Brigade 89J Singapore Company (Jiemin Primary School) has received the following awards:
Juniors’ Gold Badge - Ng Yew Kheng, Lim Zhong Zhi and Mohd Sahrul
JM Fraser Award for Excellence 2010 – Silver Honour Roll
BB Collection Week 2011 – Bronze Honour Roll
Congratulations to all our boys and continue to do the school and company proud!

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Competition 2011

“Ripple Resonance” is the title of an artwork created by our Primary 2 and 3 Art Club members based on the theme “Symphonic Canvas”. This spectacular artwork has won the school a Bronze at the recent SYF Art Competition 2011. Congratulations!

11th National Chinese Folk Song Singing Competition for Primary Schools

On 16 May 2011, eight Primary 5 pupils took part in the 11th National Chinese Folk Song Singing Competition for Primary Schools. 26 primary schools took part in this competition and our school qualified to enter the finals. On the day of the finals which was on 1st June, our pupils put up their best performance and won the Merit Award. Though this was our first time taking part in such competition, the great effort and hard work of pupils and teachers have paid off. Congratulations to all of them!
Lim Qiao Tong (5Grace)
Loo Yun Qi (5 Grace)
Low Zhi Han (5 Grace)
Tan Yu Ling Vanessa (5Grace)
Lim Qian Yu (5 Kindness)
Lim Jun Ling (5 Diligence)
Chew Yu Xuan Gerlyn (5 Wisdom)
Rycelyn Ang Si Qi (5 Wisdom)

Green Carpet Award 2011

Jiemin Primary has been awarded the National Geographic Green School award for our efforts in Environmental Education. This award brings to the forefront issues like conservation and environmental awareness in a down-to-earth manner through stories. Both the English and Science departments have utilised these resources optimally to engage all our pupils from P1 to P6.

Writer's Ignite - National Primary School Writing Competition

The school participated in the Writer’s Ignite – National Primary School Writing Competition using the LEAD Portal Writing Buddy Programme on 11 March 2011. A total of four pupils from Primary 5 participated in the competition. Stephanie Ng of 5 Care has done us proud. She is one of the 10 Merit Winners for the competition.

Achievements at National Inter-Primary School Taekwondo Championship 2011

Pupils from the Taekwondo club participated in the "National Inter-Primary School Taekwondo Competition 2011" on 11 April 2011. It was a good experience for them and they had worked  hard to prepare for this competiton.
Top 8 in Junior Male Poomsae white belt- Nazarul Hamzah B Nazarisham (4 Grace)
3rd in Senior Female Green Belt - Nur Raudhah Bte Kamis (6 Diligence)

The Boys’ Brigade J M Fraser Award for Excellence 2011

The M Fraser Award for Excellence was introduced to allow the Boys Brigade units to evaluate themselves in the effectiveness and efficiency of their running of BB programmes and activities. The school, the 89J Singapore Company, achieved the Silver Honour Roll for 2011.

Outstanding All-Rounders Award (OARS) 2011

Organised by North West CDC, this award recognises pupils for their outstanding performance in the academic, leadership, CCA and community service domains.
We hope that this award will encourage our young awardees to be further engaged in CDC activities and to experience a broader perspective of Community Engagement. The school is proud that 3 of our pupils will be receiving the award.
CDC Level - Vigneshwar Raj Verrapan (6 Care)
School Level - Low Qiao Yuan (6 Care) & Tan Zi Ming (6 Care)

Spelling Competition

This April, a spelling competition was held for the Lower Primary pupils. Every class was represented. Contestants were first tested for accuracy in spelling and later challenged each other in a speed round. Pupils cheered their classmates on and the competition got more exciting when the scores were very close. Here are the winners for the 2011 Spelling Competition:
Primary 1
1st Prize : 1 Care
2nd Prize:  1 Honesty
3rd Prize: 1 Kindness
Primary 2
1st Prize : 2 Diligence
2nd Prize: 2 Grace
3rd Prize: 2 Care
Primary 3
1st Prize : 3 Care
2nd Prize: 3 Diligence
2nd Prize: 3 Kindness

School Digital Media Award 2011

Two teams of five pupils each took part in this year’s SDMA(Audio) 2011 competition. Combining their creativity in script writing with the effective use of music and sound effects, one of the teams clinched the silver award with their winning audio clip titled ‘Hello Hello’. Well done, pupils! 
Listen to the award winning clip

Soccer friendly match (Jiemin vs Fuchun)

The P4 soccer boys played in this exciting friendly match against Fuchun Primary School on 31 March 2011, Thursday. Our boys managed to score 7 goals in the match. The match ended 7-7. Our boys showed determination and perseverance as they battled for every ball. Despite the draw, our boys showed sportsmanship as they shook hands with Fuchun players before and after the match. More friendlies to come as they are preparing for the Junior North Zone Soccer Tournament next year. We wish them all the best!

Showcase! : Performing Arts Festival 2011

Our Chinese Dance pupils had the opportunity to represent the school to perform in the Performing Arts Festival 2011 on 19 March at SCAPE Warehouse. Although this was the first outdoor performance by the pupils, they managed to put up an impressive dance item with their neat and well-coordinated dance moves. Well done girls!

National Arts Education Awards

Jiemin Primary School had been awarded the National Arts Education Award in 2011 for building a vibrant arts culture in the school.