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Year 2016

Learning For Life Programme (LLP) - Aesthetics Alive (Music and Performing Arts)

Jiemin Primary School has just recently been attained the LLP status as awarded by MOE HQ in May 2016, in which our LLP is "Through JPS Aesthetics – I Discover, I Possess, I Serve". The focus area for this LLP is "Music and Performing Arts".


Applied Learning Programme (ALP)
Apart from the LLP, another niche area for our school is our ALP, "Journalist in the Making". The focus areas are on building the students' confidence in expression through our various targeted level programmes such as P1 Choral Reading Workshop, P2 Poetry Recitation, P3 Puppetry, Storytelling, Journalist Club, etc.

Jiemin Primary School is highlighted recently in The Straits Times, Education Section, on 15 Aug 2016 for our ALP. Please see the news article below:

Singapore Youth Festival Art Presentation 2016

Amidst intense competition among all the primary schools in Singapore, our dancers and Angklung ensemble had once again done the school proud in this year's SYF Arts Presentation which was held this year.

CCA GroupResults
AngklungCertificate of Distinction
Chinese Dance Certificate of Accomplishment
 Malay Dance Certificate of Distinction
 Jazz Dance Certificate of Distinction
 Indian Dance Certificate of Accomplishment

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our parents especially our Parent Support Group (PSG) for supporting and assisting our pupils in their SYF journey. We hope that through the pupils’ participation and involvement in their Co-Curricular Activities, they will learn values and important skills such as working as a team, which will be useful for them to apply in future to help them do well in life.

NE Youth Ambassadors Programme (Bronze)

Jiemin Primary School has just recently completed the NE Youth Ambassadors Programme (Bronze) in mid year 2016.

This programme is organised by the Singapore Discovery Centre, which aims to nurture student leaders to interest and engage with their peers in issues regarding National Education by equipping them with relevant life skills.

These students were introduced to the 6 NE Messages, which also included engaging exhibits at the Army Museum of Singapore telling the story of the Singapore Armed Forces. They had also learnt important 21st Century Competencies like public speaking and how to be an effective communicator. CCE values were also be incorporated.

Recycling Art Competition

We clinched 2nd prize for the Recycling Art competition held by Resorts World Sentosa. 

There were 177 proposals sent and we were amongst the 21 schools that were shortlisted based on proposal design, and thereafter emerged as one of the 7 finalists after our submission.

Submission Work -     A Sea Turtle's Story                                                          (Picture Courtesy from RWS)