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Angklung Ensemble

Day/Time: Mondays, 2.00pm to 4.00pm
Dates: Jan - 7, 14, 21, 28
            Feb - 11, 18, 25
            Mar - 4, 11, 25
            Apr -15
            May - 27
            Jul - 1, 15
            Aug - 5, 26
            Sep - 2, 30
            Oct - 21
            Nov - 4, 11

 CCA Teachers:
Ms Angelina Tan (IC)
Mr Desmond Seah
Mdm Diana Chan
Miss Elga Tan


An excellent musician with a heart of service.


Providing our pupils with a balanced enrichment programme to develop them to their fullest potential and inculcating in our pupils sound moral values and a heart of service

What is our CCA about?

Angklng Ensemble is a widely practised ethnic instrument in South East Asia.  It enables pupils to keep in touch with ethnic arts of their region.  As the nature of angklung music is ensemble based, pupils learn to be team-players and gain 21st century competencies.ak1.png

What will we learn ?

  • Learn to play the respective instruments in the ensemble; angklung, kulintang, marimba and ethnic drums.
  • Develop their musical skills
  • 21st century competencies
  • Leadership is nurtured in pupils through peer coaching
  • Pupils earn core values like commitment, responsibility and perseveranceak2.png

What do we hope to achieve ?

  • We hope to inculcate values in our pupils as well as a deep appreciation for music. 
  • Achieve excellence in music


  • Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging (Instrumental Ensembles-Angklung) 2012 - Gold Award
  • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (Instrumental Ensembles-Angklung) 2014 - Distinction Award
  • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (Instrumental Ensembles-Angklung) 2016 - Distinction Award
  • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (Instrumental Ensembles-Angklung) 2018 - Distinction Award
  • It’s a Child’s Play - Children’s Season at the Peranakan Museum on 16,17 June 2012
  • Launch of Bulan Bahasa (Malay Language Month) 2013 at the Asian Civilisations Museum on 7 September 2013
  • 'Welcome to My World’ concert at Republic Polytechnic Cultural Centre Theatre on 13 July 2014
  • Green Carpet Awards at Fusionopolis on 14 November 2014