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Journalism workshops are designed to inculcate the interests of our pupils in writing, whilst improving their ability to better convey their thoughts and ideas on paper. Our pupils will be given opportunities to practice different forms of writing such as newspapers and broadcast. They will learn the different features and writing techniques so that they can enhance their thinking, writing skills and self-expressions. The pupils will also be given opportunities to have a studio experience so that they can showcase their end products.

STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading)

P1 and P2 Stellar

STELLAR is a new English Language Curriculum for Primary Schools in Singapore. At Jiemin, we have embarked on the programme since 2008.

In STELLAR, the lessons are focused on reading using Big Books where pupils read for knowledge and enjoyment. Each unit is designed using one Big Book. Unlike past programmes, the teaching and learning in STELLAR involves more speaking and listening activities.

Pupils learn reading and writing using rich and interesting books, with discussions led by the teacher. In addition, our pupils get to interact in a non-threatening, conducive environment where it is enriched with pupils’ written work and various reading materials.

The focus in the classroom is on children’s interaction rather than on teacher talk. We hope that every pupil in Jiemin will develop a love for reading and a strong foundation in the English Language, and as the title of the programme suggests, achieve stellar grades.

P3 Stellar cum Guided Reading

The school recognizes the value and significance of reading as it opens the door to the world of knowledge and information for our pupils. The school’s commitment to Guided Reading arises from the desire to help pupils learn to use independent reading strategies successfully and thereby hone their comprehension skills.

The programme serves to provide useful scaffolds to support the pupil as a developing reader. In this process, the teacher is not just facilitating or ‘doing’ reading but is teaching reading. The programme sets out to mould confident, independent and critical readers, who thoroughly enjoy reading.

This year the school is carrying the Guided Reading Programme. As we are embarking on STELLAR this year, we have decided to incorporate the reading strategies in Guided Reading into STELLAR. This will further enhance the pupils’ reading abilities.

P4 LET’S (Learn English Thro’ Storyboarding)

This year Jiemin will continue our storyboarding programme for the P4 pupils. The pupils will be trained to use the skills in storyboarding for writing.

Teachers will also be using these skills to help the pupils improve in their Composition Writing.

P5 and P6 Fun and Engaging English Lessons (FEEL)

This programme is designed to help pupils to become better and more enthusiastic readers and writers. Pupils are expected to look for a certain element of literature in the story, such as setting or theme or point of view and become more sophisticated readers.

At the same time, these pupils will understand how and why a particular story works and become more appreciative of good writing. They can be more conscious there in writing with elements of literature into their own stories.