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About JPSG

"Education is a joint responsibility, a shared adventure. To achieve full results, we need to change mindsets of teachers, students, parents and the community. Close collaboration between school, home and community will be essential."
- President Nathan (The Straits Times, October 5, 1999)
Jiemin Parents Support Group (JPSG) have been set up in recent years in Singapore schools. They comprise parents who meet regularly in their children's schools to engage in dialogue sessions with the principal and key school personnel, to discuss educational concerns and improvement on school programmes. Membership ranges from 10 to more than a hundred parents. The presence of the 
JPSG has strengthened cooperation between parents and schools and benefited students.

Network of Support

The JPSG creates a network of links for the school, its families and the community. Members come from diverse backgrounds and possess varied skills and experiences. The end result is not only a rich diversity of talents, but also an extended networking system for the benefit of the school.

Shared Vision

When school personnel and parents collaborate in JPSG, they complement and enhance one another's strength. A symbiotic relationship develops in which PALS members share a common vision and goals and work towards improving the school. In school, members of the JPSG take on roles as:
  • Activity or project supervisors
  • Resource personnel
  • Fund-raising committee members
  • Sponsors