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E-Open house

Click here to access Jiemin Primary School e-Open house

Postponement of MYE and WA

Dear Parents,

In light of this evening’s MOE Press Release on the Full Home-based Learning from 19th May onwards, the school will be postponing the Mid-Year Examination and Weighted Assessments that has been scheduled to start from tomorrow 17th May onwards. The well-being and safety of our Jieminites are of utmost importance to us. A PG message on the postponement will also be sent out. More details will be shared with you soon.

Thank you.

2021 Primary One (P1) Registration Exercise for Admission to P1 in 2022 - Phase 1 Registration

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Phase 1 registration is for a Singapore Citizen (SC) or Permanent Resident (PR) child born between 2 Jan 2015 and 1 Jan 2016 (both dates inclusive) and has a sibling studying in our school.

If you have a SC or PR child eligible for Phase 1, please submit the online form at by 12 June 2021.  The school will contact you should additional clarifications and / or documents are required.

If your child is non-SC / non-PR and thus not eligible for Phase 1, please submit an online Indication of Interest between 1 Jun and 7 Jun 2021 at

You may refer to the MOE website at for updates on the 2021 P1 Registration exercise.

Thank you

DSA-Sec information for P6 students

Click here for information on DSA-Sec  

Information on SLS and HBL

Click here for information on SLS

Click here for information on HBL

Additional Precautionary Measures in School from term 2 onwards

Dear Parents,
The following are additional precautionary measures that the school will set in place from Term 2 onwards.

  1. Students, who have travelled overseas on or after Saturday, 14 March 2020 regardless of country or mode of entry, should not report to school on Monday.
  2. All CCAs and After School Programmes (Remedial, Supplementary Classes, SDR, RRP) will be suspended. Only Higher Mother Tongue and Foundation Mother Tongue classes, will continue.
  3. The school has arranged for designated seating by class in the canteen during recess.
  4. The current practiced of wipe-down routine will be expanded to classrooms. Students will wipe their own tables before lessons. This is to inculcate habits of keeping the school clean and safe.
  5. Please ensure that your child has a working thermometer and bring it to school daily.
  6. If your child is unwell with flu-like symptoms, he/she will not be allowed in school and will need to seek medical advice from the doctor.

Thank you.

MOE travel advisory

MOE: Travel advisory against all non-essential travel abroad

Dear Parents/Guardians,

With immediate effect, Singaporeans are advised to defer all non-essential travel abroad. This advisory will apply for 30 days, and will be reviewed thereafter. This is to reduce the risk of Singaporeans contracting COVID-19 while overseas during this global pandemic.

Singapore has also increased border restrictions to more countries, including all ASEAN countries, Japan, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, with a 14-day Stay-Home-Notice (SHN) for arrivals from 16 Mar 11.59 pm, with exemption of those travelling into Singapore from Malaysia via sea or land. Click to access MOH’s press release for more information.

You are advised to review your travel plans during the March school holidays, and check the MOH website for the latest measures as well as list of countries that are subject to SHN requirements.

Should there be changes to your child’s travel plans, please amend your travel declarations on Parents Gateway by 17 Mar, Tues.

Thank you and stay safe.

Website Link to MOH Press Release

Please note the following:

• Please refer to the attachment 1 “Amending Travel Declaration in PG” for instructions on how to amend your travel declarations.

• For those not on PG, you can call the General Office during office hours to inform the staff of the changes.

Enhanced Precautionary Measures for 2019-nCoV

We are stepping up our precautionary measures from today, 5 Feb 2020 to manage the spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) among more vulnerable populations.


2.      As part of efforts to ring-fence schools to keep the school community safe, we will be implementing measures, such as temperature taking, visual screening and travel declarations of visitors with immediate effect.  We seek your understanding and co-operation on this matter.



3.      The school will continue our visual screening for pupils as they enter school, and thereafter, puiils will proceed directly to their respective classrooms for the Flag-raising Ceremony.

4.      In light of the social distancing measures, the school will cancel several activities and programmes until further notice.  The following are events that will be cancelled:

i)               P3- P6 Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) - 7 Feb*

ii)              P3 Swimsafer Programme - Thursdays

iii)             P4 Outdoor Learning Journey Experience - 14 Feb

iv)             Overseas Learning Trip - March

*the school will be disseminating PTM briefing slides via Parent Gateway by early next week for your reference. 

5.      CCAs and After School Programmes (eg. School-based Dyslexia Remediation, Reading Remediation Programme and supplementary classes) will continue.  The school will take appropriate measures to reduce group size and make necessary lesson adjustments if required.

Thank you for your support as we work together to keep Jiemin Primary School a safe place for all.

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