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Day/Time: Mondays, 2.00pm to 4.00pm
Dates: Jan - 7, 14, 21, 28
            Feb - 11, 18, 25
            Mar - 4, 11, 25
            Apr -15
            May - 27
            Jul - 1, 15
            Aug - 5, 26
            Sep - 2, 30
            Oct - 21
            Nov - 4, 11

CCA Teachers:
Mr Syah (IC)
Mr Zaid


To create and build awareness of the sport at school and national level.


To develop the 21st core competencies in every floorball player.

What is our CCA about ?

Floorball is rapidly rising in popularity in Singapore.  The Singapore Floorball National Team is a powerhouse within the region.
Conventionally played in a floorball rink, teams are usually made up of 5 players including a goal keeper.  There are three periods of 10 minutes each for a standard floorball game in the primary school tournaments.

What will we learn ?

Learn to play as a team
Learn more in-depth floorball skills apart from PE lessons like dribbling, slap hit, drag shot and aerials.
Through our friendly matches and competition, we gained lots of experiences and grow stronger as a team.

What do we hope to achieve ?

  • Learn to be a team player
  • Trust my team-mate during game-play
  • Respect for myself, my team-mates and my opponent.
  • Become fitter and stronger
  • We are more confident in our floorball skills but we remain humble at all times