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Art Curriculum

Doodle4Google 2015

Congratulations to Ng Hui Juan for being among the top 5 finalists in Singapore.

Art Lesson 2015

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Primary 2

P2 art.jpg
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Primary 1 - Term 1 - Art Lessons

The Primary 1 pupils learned the following through the creation of their artworks

    • Primary colours
    • Secondary colours
    • Smudging the correct primary colours to get secondary colours
    • Nature drawing on Trees
    • Art appreciation of Paul Klee’s artworks
    • Creating their Paul Klee inspired artwork

Enjoy the photos of the pupils busy at work!

Primary 3 - Term 1 - Paper Quilling

Our primary three pupils were introduced to paper quilling, an art form which was started in the 18th century.  This art form requires the pupils to exhibit much patience and perseverance in order to curl the paper strips into coils and to arrange them to form the desired designs.

Do enjoy the slideshow of our pupils at work and the beautiful end products that they had created.

Primary 4 - Term 1 -  Air-Dry Clay

The Primary 4 pupils were busy creating air-dry clay artworks for Term 1. They started by getting inspirations (which were sketched into their sketchbooks) and information about air-dry clay from links provided in the Social Learning Wall. Thereafter, they practised creating their artworks with Plasticine. Finally, they were given air-dry clay of different colours to complete their artworks. When their artworks were completed, the pupils reflected about their air-dry clay processes and artworks. Enjoy the photos of them at work!

Primary 6 – Term 1 – Land Art

Our primary six pupils were introduced to the artworks of Andy Goldsworthy, a British artist and sculptor who creates huge pieces of land art in the environment using all natural items such as pebbles, twigs, branches, pine cones, mud, leaves and petals.

After doing more research on land art, the pupils were inspired and created original and unique land arts around the school. 

The lessons ended with a round of Praise, Question, Polish (PQP), a peer critic tool via the social learning wall and personal reflection on the term’s lessons and creations into their art journal.