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CCE (Character & Citizenship Education)

In Jiemin Primary, the CCE (Character and Citizenship Education) department plans and oversees a broad range of activities that aim to achieve the vision of developing Jieminites who show love for family, community and country through their display of school values. The following are highlights of what our students get to experience: 

New CCE Walls and Corners

Jiemin’s CCE Committee has been busy transforming different parts of the school over years. Walls have been filled up with pictures and write-ups about the rich history of our country, community and school. An area in front of the canteen has also been revamped into a traditional games corner featuring nostalgic local games. These efforts aim to promote our national identity and allow our pupils to have a better appreciation of our heritage and culture. - Mr Ng Ban Hock, SH CCE

Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

The Program for Active Learning (PAL) was introduced to our Primary 1 and 2 pupils in 2016. PAL aims to balance the acquisition of knowledge with the development of skills and values to prepare our pupils for a more dynamic future. It provides pupils with a broad exposure of experiences in the 4 domains of Sports and Games, Outdoor Education, Performing Arts and Visual Arts. Through the various fun and varied activities during PAL lessons, our pupils will also learn values and develop their social-emotional competencies. The 2-hour PAL lessons are conducted on a weekly basis during curriculum hours.  The table below lists the PAL modules offered to our pupils this year.


outdoor education.jpg

Sports and games.jpg

Performing arts.jpg

Visual arts.jpg

Values In Action

Since the beginning of 2016, our pupils have been engaging in a range of meaningful VIA (Values In Action) activities. Our school’s VIA theme – Our Environment, Our Future – aims to raise awareness on key environmental issues affecting our society. From Canteen cleanliness campaign to ‘Green the school’ project to Litter picking at our community park, both teachers and students have been actively involved in contributing to the environment of our school and community. Through the VIA learning experiences, the school hopes to achieve our vision of nurturing Discerning Citizen who are socially responsible and contributes meaningfully to the community.


Classroom Cleanliness Campaign (School-Wide VIA)

Starting from this year, every pupil from Primary 1 to Primary 6 is involved in keeping their classrooms and corridors clean. Cleaning activities such as sweeping the floors, arranging tables and chairs, cleaning the whiteboards are carried out daily. This aims to inculcate values such as responsibility as well as care and respect for the environment. Teachers on duty will check and monitor the cleanliness of the classrooms. Certificates are presented to classes that are consistently clean and tidy, and the cleanest class of every level are awarded a bunting flag.  – Mdm Susan Koh (VIA Coordinator) 

Classroom cleanliness.jpg

Recess Newspapers Recycling (School-Wide VIA)

Every fortnight, the school will collect old newspapers from every class. This is to encourage all Jieminites to develop the right values and lifelong habits to do their part for the environment.  Recycling Corners are set up in the classrooms to ensure that newspapers are placed and stacked up neatly. Class representatives will send the newspapers down to the recycling bins station during recess. Newspapers are weighed to keep track of the amount contributed by every class.  – Mdm Susan Koh (VIA Coordinator)  


Social Studies Learning Journeys

The Primary 4 pupils had the opportunity to head to Gardens by the Bay for their interdisciplinary learning journey planned by the Science and CCE department. They learnt about the diversity of plants, discovered how land is used sustainably and understand about why land reclamation is done in Singapore. They sure were excited and engaged as they experienced and felt the refreshing atmosphere in the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. – Ms Petrina (SS Learning Journey Coordinator)
Social studies.jpg

Kindness Week

There was a buzz of excitement as Jiemin Primary School celebrated SG Kindness & Bully-Free Campaign between 16 May to 20 May. An array of activities such as assembly talk on “How To Be A Better Friend” by Singapore Children’s Society, crossword puzzle exercise and recess games were lined up throughout the week. Through these engaging and hands-on activities, students learnt more about the different types of bullying and ways to promote graciousness among their friends. – Miss Samantha Sim (Kindness and Bully-free Coordinator)

ENVision Gallery

The CCE department planned a learning journey to the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources during the month of May for the Primary 3 pupils. The pupils learnt to appreciate Singapore’s environmental journey over the past four decades and also learnt about the nation’s goals and strategies towards a Sustainable Singapore. They were given iPads to complete tasks in groups and to learn more about environmental issues. After the trip, many pupils were inspired to play a part in making a difference to our environment as young citizens. – Ms Petrina
ENVision Gallery.jpg

Education and Career Guidance (ECG)

Jiemin Primary has embarked on a whole school approach for our ECG programme to better guide and advise our pupils on the possible education pathways that are ahead of them. Pupils set goals for themselves and assess their individual strengths and skills through performance tasks.  During the June holidays, our Primary 6 pupils attended an ECG sharing session where they get to learn from ex-Jieminites about how they could overcome PSLE and the factors they should consider when choosing a secondary school. Pupils were also introduced to various schools and the possible education pathways which they could embark on after PSLE. – Mdm Joanne Lam (ECG Coordinator)
ECG Talk.jpg