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“Our Language, Our Culture” @ Jiemin

This year the Mother Tongue Fortnight was held on 9 February to 18 February. Our Mother Tongue Department organized an array of interesting cultural activities to provide opportunities for pupils to experience Mother Tongue language as ‘living languages’.

In order to allow the Chinese pupils to understand their own culture, the following activities including mask making, paper cutting, calligraphy, lantern making, cross talk and story telling were conducted for the different levels during this period of time.  Craft work and calligraphy competitions were also held to provide pupils platforms to showcase their talents.

As for our Malay pupils, they were exposed to popular Malay songs and Folklore stories.  Pupils did a lot of interesting activities related to the song and stories read such as introduction to poetry, iStory-Telling, Burger Book Reports, Creative Poetry Writing and Comic Design. Competitions were also held for every level.  Through these activities, pupils not only enjoyed them but also expand their knowledge on vocabulary. Their writing and oratorical skills were enhanced and most importantly they have learnt the rich values within the songs and stories that are still relevant in today’s world.

Our Indian pupils from P1 to P6 learnt about their culture and tradition by playing traditional games such as Indian catching, Kannaammoochi, Pallangguzhi, Ezhu Kallu, Kho Kho and Aadu Puli Aattam. P3 to P6 Indian pupils also learnt about pottery and how to decorate clay pots using acrylic paint. They learnt about the significance of clay pots which are used for festivals such as Pongal a harvest festival celebrated by Indians. P3 Indian pupils also attended a 2 hour camp on Public speaking. Quiz, Drama, News Reporting and Storytelling competitions were also held for all the levels to provide pupils platforms to showcase their talents.

Last but not least, we would also like to express our gratitude to parents who have continued to lend us your strong support in motivating our pupils to speak in their own Mother tongue language at home and to thank all MTL teachers for their effort in making this programme a success!

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