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Committee Members Jiemin Parent Support Group (JPSG)

Mdm Rica Suryana


Mdm Padmavathy Mariappan

Vice Chairperson

Mdm Norafizah Bte Tawil

Assistant Secretary

Mdm Siti Rafiah Jusof


Mdm Salina Salleh

Assistant Treasurer

Mdm Dang Merduwati


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Breakfast Talk on Five Human Values & Presentation of Certificates of Appreciation to members of Parent Support Group by Vice Principal


Mapping Conflicts Effectively for a Quick Resolutions


Parenting Talk @ Jiemin Primary School

Date: Monday 28 September 2015

Time: 9.30am-12.30pm 

Venue: AVA Room, Level 2

Speaker: Mr Byan Tan, Leadeship Trainer  Consultant    

*Register  by 15 September 2015 with Ms Kala Ramiah, School Coordinator  by sms to 98793698 or

email: kala.ramiah@gmail.com 

Conflicts are part and parcel of life, be it in the workplace, at home or among friends. In this talk you will learn –“How to transform conflicts to make them work positively for your family? The strategies you can use to map conflicts effectively? How to coach your children to better manage conflicts?
This workshop centers on practical strategies to assess family conflicts. It empowers participants with a simple framework to uncover the needs, concerns, fears and motivators behind the issues. It also highlights the sources of conflict within families and suggests effective steps for conflict resolution.

Singapore Parenting Congress 2015, Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 July 2015Encouraging Parents, Inspiring Kids

parenting.jpgThe greatest challenge for parents is to strike a delicate balance between doling out discipline and giving encouragement to their children. This year, Singapore Parenting Congress brings to you "Encouraging Parents, Inspiring Kids".Hear from overseas and local parenting experts on how to be a nurturing parent and inspire your kids. Get tips from renowned youth coach, Jeff Yalden from the US, on how to understand your teen's behaviour and communicate with them. Different sessions are suitable for parents with children of different age groups.Singapore Parenting Congress 2015 is organised by MediaCorp and Families for Life Council.Venue:  Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre, Level 31 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec CitySingapore 039593For more details: please visit Toggle:-http://lifestyle.toggle.sg/en/sg-parenting-congress Sat 18 July 2015:-English Session 19.30am-1.00pm (7yrs to 12yrs) The Intentional Parent-Character First, Keys to your child’s successSpeakers: Mrs Julie Chua and Ms Patricia Koh{Free Parental tool kit on character development} English Session 22.30pm-6.00pm (7yrs to 16 yrs)Parenting beyond consequences, logic and controlSpeakers: Mr Francis Lee If interested sms to Ms Kala Ramiah at 98793698 or email kala.ramiah@gmail.com by Monday 6 July 2015.

Jewellary Making Workshop


Family Adventure Walk – 3 June 2015

Family Adventure Walk at Gardens by the Bay was organized during the June School holidays by Family Matters @ School. A total of 20 parents and 20 children participated in this Parent and child bonding session. Parents and children were brought to each station at Gardens by the Bay and briefed on the activity and the learning points. The games and quizzes required both Parent and child to work together and look for the answers. Each Parent and child received some treats after completing the quizzes. They were also briefed to collect any flowers, leaves or twigs on the ground to make a scrapbook at the end of the Family Adventure Walk. In one of the activities, the Parent had to guess the favourite colour, food etc. of the child and vice versa. It was an eye-opener for a few parents and children. Each Parent and child also had an instant photograph given as a memento. The Family Adventure Walk ended with a scrapbook activity with both Parent and child working together with the crayons and coloured pencils provided.  Prizes (mini candy hampers) were given away. Then the parent and child went onto the OCBC Skywalk before boarding the bus for the return journey to School. Learning points from station activities:- How to plan family outing- How much do you know about each other?- How to show love to each other- How to work together as a team- How to have fun-How to journey together as a family through life’s different phases A family that plays together stays together. Through a series of activities at each station, parent and child discovered more about each other and committed to spending more time with each other. This walk also reinforced some important family values like love and acceptance, and provided positive memories for both the parent and child.


Parenting by Design using the DISC model - 30 April 2015


Profiling – Parenting with Tetra map 27 Feb 2015


Parent Child Bonding session - Bolla Bola 27 Feb 2015

Bollabola (Bolla is “bubble” in Italian, bola is “ball” in Spanish) is the first of its kind in Singapore. Bollabola Players will be enclosed in a gigantic plastic bubble that will form a protective layer around each player while they are engaged in various games designed specifically for Bollabola.Bollabola also has an experiential learning aspect, which include knowing how “no man is an island”, self-discipline, perseverance, how every family member needs one another and why forming a "bubble" around oneself can harm relationships and loved ones over the long term. Bollabola can also be a series of games and challenges that can inculcate family values, build great relationships, strengthen bonds and develop the self.


How to help your child be successful in Primary School - 2 Jan 2015

For Parents whose child started Primary 1 in 2015

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How Members Can Contribute … … participating in school activities

JPSG members contribute their time and expertise to schools as parent volunteers. The following is a sample of our contributions.

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