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MOE FAS - Transport Vouchers Redemption  

MOE FAS students who are eligible for Transport Vouchers and have been approved the transport subsidy, can refer to the following guide on how to redeem the transport vouchers.
AVM_Plus_Redemption_Process (Modified for Parents).pdf

Curriculum Time

  • DAY




    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur

    7.45 am – 1.30 pm

    7.30 am

    P1 & P4 : 9.45am – 10.15am

    P2 & P5 : 10.15am – 10.45am

    P3 & P6 : 10.45am – 11.15am


    7.45 am – 1.15 pm

    All pupils MUST assemble in the hall at the respective reporting time.
  • Pupils are to engage themselves in Silent Reading once they report to the hall.
  • Gate Opening Hours

    To better safeguard our pupils' safety and well being, the opening hours of the respective gates are as follows.  Visitors are requested to inform our security guards at the guard post if you need to enter the school.


    Opening Hours

    Back Gate

    (Near traffic crossing)

    Front – Side Gate

    (Near traffic crossing)

    Front – Main Gate

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur

    7.00am - 7.30am

    1.30pm - 1.50pm

    7.00am - 7.30am

    1.10pm - 1.50pm

    Controlled entry during curriculum time


    7.00am - 7.30am

    1.15pm - 1.35pm

     7.00am - 7.30am

    12.55pm - 1.35pm

    Circulars from School

    * Note: the notification number may not run in descending order.

    Notification Number * Name of Circular Circula in Softcopy
     096/2019Cancellation of CCA activities 096_2019.pdf  
     094/2019PSLE Marking Days - No School  094_2019.pdf
     084/2019Children's Day Celebration  086_2019.pdf
    084/2019 PSLE Listening Comprehension Examination (Friday 20 Sept 2019) - For P6  084_2019_P6.pdf
    084/2019 PSLE Listening Comprehension Examination (Friday 20 Sept 2019) - For P1 to P5 084_2019_P1 to P5.pdf 
    083/2019 Primary 3 to 5 Semestral Assessment 2 Schedule  083_2019.pdf
     082/2019 Positive Parenting Seminars
    Effective Parenting Approach to Raising Your Child
     079/2019 Working Together to Prevent Dengue 079_2019.pdf
     076/2019School Closure on PSLE Oral Examination (15 & 16 August 2019) for P1 - P5 076_2019.pdf  
    075/2019 National Day Celebrations 075_2019.pdf  
     071/2019Primary  3 to 5 Term 3 Class Test Schedule 071_2019.pdf  
    067/2019 Primary 6 Preliminary Examination Schedule and Topics to be Tested 067_2019.pdf
    063/2019  Pupil Safety Matters063_2019.pdf  
     060/2019 Remedial Lessons for P6 Pupils (Semester 2) 060_2019.pdf  
     036/2019Primary 6  Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) 036_2019.pdf
     035/2019Primary 4 Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM)  035_2019.pdf
     034/2019Primary 6 Semestral Assessment 1 Schedule   034_2019.pdf
     033/2019Primary 3 to 5 Semestral Assessment 1 Schedule  033_2019.pdf
    031/2019 Jiemin Primary School Games Day Carnival 031_2019.pdf  
     030/2019Annual School Based Health Screening in Jiemin Primary School (P2, P3, P4 and P6 pupils) 030_2019.pdf  
     029/2019Annual School Based Health Screening in Jiemin Primary School (P5 pupils)  029_2019.pdf  
     028/2019Annual School Based Health Screening in Jiemin Primary School (P1 pupils)    028_2019.pdf
     019/2019Lunar New Year Celebrations 2019  019_2019.pdf
     018/2019Gifted Education Programme (GEP) Identification Exercise 2019  018_2019.pdf
     016/2019MOE Sexuality Education in Schools - THE GROWING YEARS PROGRAMME 016_2019.pdf  
     015/2019Primary 6 Term 1 Cass Tests Schedule  015_2019.pdf
    012/2019  Primary 2 Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) 012_2019.pdf
     011/2019 Primary 1 Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM)011_2019.pdf  
     010/2019 Primary 3 Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM)  010_2019.pdf
     009/2019 Primary 5 Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM)  009_2019.pdf
     006/2019Information for Parents of Primary 2 006_2019.pdf  
     005/2019  Information for Parents of Primary 1  005_2019.pdf
    004/2019 Information for Parents of Primary 5004_2019.pdf 
    003/2019Information for Parents of Primary 6003_2019.pdf 
    002/2019Information for Parents of Primary 4002_2019.pdf   
     001/2019Information for Parents of Primary 3 001_2019.pdf 

    Updating of Pupils' Official Address and Contact Numbers

    If there are any changes to the pupils' official address and/or parents'/guardians' contact numbers, please fill in the attached form and submit it to the General Office for our system updating.
    Updating of Pupil Offical Address and Contact Numbers- Website.pdf 

    Payment of School Fees

    We encourage parents to pay school fees via non-cash channels (eg. either by GIRO, directly via iBanking or at AXS machines), so that your child does not need to carry cash to school to pay for the school fees with the risk of losing his/her wallet.

    If you have not opt for GIRO payment, you can do so by filling in the GIRO authorisation form which can be obtained from the General Office. Deductions by GIRO is made every 26th of the month (except for January, where there would be a 2 month deduction in February).

    If you wish to pay via iBanking, please go to the eCitizen website

    If you wish to pay via cash (provided you are not on GIRO scheme), please note that the hours for cash collection at the General Office is as follows:

    DayHours for Cash Collection at General Office
    Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and Public Holidays8.30 am to 3 pm
    Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidaysclosed

    Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS)

    The MOE FAS is open to all pupils who are Singapore Citizens. For more information on MOE FAS, please refer to the MOE website. The MOE FAS application period would start sometime from mid-September to October. Please refer to the circular issued to all parents.

    The MOE Application Form can either be obtained from the School General Office or in softcopy here. Please take note that we only accept hardcopy submissions.

    Service Providers



    Operating Hours

    Lunch Break

    Address / Telephone Number 

    Price List 

    School Dental Clinic

    Wednesdays and Thursdays (by appointment only)

    1pm - 2pm

    Tel No: 6757 4231

    For Emergency Cases, pls call:

    Naval Base Primary (67565473)

    Yishun Primary (62574737)

    Pei Ying Primary (6257 3255)

    Woodgrove Primary

     (6367 8720)

    #04-00, School Dental Service
    No. 3, Second Hospital Avenue
    Singapore 168937
    Tel: 6435-3782 (Pls call for appointment/enquiry)


    School Bus Transport


    1)  Mdm Lee Kwee Hoe
    HP No: 9006 1050

    2) Mr Lee Eng Lay
    HP No: 9437 7899

    3) Mr Benny Ng
    96 Transit
    HP No. 8668 9923
    Please liaise with the vendors directly. 
    The bus fees is dependent on the distance travelled.


    (Continental Bookstore)

    School Term

    Mon to Fri : 8am to 3pm

    *Parents only allowed to come in from

    2pm to 3 pm

    11.30am – 12.30pm

    Tel : 6255 0181

    Name-tag Order Form:

    Nametag order form (Generic).pdf

    School Uniform

    (Chop Kong Chong)


    Sembawang Shopping Centre, 604 Sembawang Road , #02-13, S(758459)

    Tel No: 67531489

    Fax: 67589290

    11.30am - 8.30pm

    *Open daily including weekends and public holidays

    Pricing depends on size

    Student Care Centre

    (Care Hut by Care Community Services Society)

    After school hours to 7pm

    Student Care Centre inside

    Jiemin Primary School

    Tel :  88223075
     Please check with vendor directly.
    Price also depends on household income.

    Drop Off and Pick Up Points

    • Pupils taking school bus to school

    The school bus will drop off and pick up your child / ward at the School Bus Bay. 

    • Pupils walking to school

    Accessible Gates 
    Pupils walking to school may use the side gate or Back Gate 
     (Please note opening hours) 
    Rainy Days 
    During rainy days, you may use the shelters located at the Side Gate and Back Gate. 

    • Parents driving pupils to school

    You may park your car at the nearby HDB car parks if you wish to come into the school to drop off or pick up your child/ward. Pupils may use the gate that is most convenient to them. 
    *For safety of the pupils, cars are not allowed drive into the school premises. 
    *Please let your child alight safely along the pavement in front of the Main Gate (near to the main building) 
    *On raining days, you may drive into the school and drop off or pick up your child / ward at the front porch. 

    Visiting School

    When visiting the school, please seek clearance at the security stand and then proceed to the General Office for assistance. We will do our best to assist you. We seek your co-operation to help us facilitate the smooth running of the school and ensure the safety of our pupils. 

    Picking Up Your Child

    • Parents should wait at the designated waiting areas – either front or back gate.
    • If your child is ill,
    - At least one family member (above 18 years old) or another adult as authorised by the parents needs to pick up the pupil from school. 
    - Family member or adult authorised by parents has to fill up a “Early Release" Form. 
    - Pupils are not allowed to leave the school during curriculum time unless permission is granted by the teacher 

    Well-Being of Your Child

    Please do not bring your child to school when he/she is unwell. Your child should only return to school after he/she has been certified to be medically fit by a medical doctor.

    Please call the General Office to update the status of your child for the school's attendance tracking.

    We look forward to your support and co-operation as we do our best to create a happy and safe environment conducive to your child’s learning.



    Who Is It For



    AMP Hotline

    Malay/ Muslim families in crisis or those who need help


    Mon – Fri

    10.00 AM – 05.00 PM

    (Except PH)

    Care Corner 800

    (Mandarin Counselling Centre)  For pupils/ Families with problems 


    Mon – Sun

    10.00 AM – 10.00 PM

    (Except PH) 

    Daybreak Family Service Centre (Yishun)

    For families with problems 


    Mon – Thur

    09.00 AM – 06.00 PM

    09.00 AM - 05.00 PM

    Samaritans of Singapore

    For suicidal, lonely and anyone in crisis 


    24 Hours 

    Tinkle Friend

    (Singapore Children's Society)

    For children ages 7-12 years who need someone to talk to


    24 Hours