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Music Curriculum

Bhangra dancing

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Student-led Sharings

As part of the leadership development of pupils, the Aesthetics department encourages its pupils to lead sharings on areas of their expertise. Some of these sharings are carried out during recess time during which pupils teach their peers things like Indian dance and Chinese dance.

In Term 1 of 2015, Archana and Yuxun shared with the pupils the basics of Indian dance and Chinese dance respectively. The pupils enjoyed themselves very much and look forward to the next instalment of arts sharing.
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Primary 6 - Musical Genres

Our P6 pupils take their first steps into the world Musicology through learning about the musical genres of Classical, Pop, Jazz, etc. Informative lessons coupled with musical listening activities enable them to develop their musical analytical skills. Performances also enable them to apply the knowledge they have learnt.

Primary 4

The P4 curriculum is an experiential approach which involves understanding musical concepts through various kinaesthetic, visual, audio intelligences. It also has a strong emphasis on musical improvisation and self-expression, encouraging pupils to develop inventive thinking and find their own voice through musical expression. They were then given opportunities during recess time to share the musical journey with the pupils in school.music 2.jpg

Primary 3 - Keyboard Band Training

Our P3 pupils are undergoing Keyboard Band training in Term 1 & 2. The pupils were introduced to Keyboard Rock and they were taught to recognise the notes on the keyboard through Finger Exercises. Through the hands-on coordination exercises, they are able to apply playing style with progression. They learn to create and express drumming patterns with bass drum, snare drum and clap. This helps the pupils to develop rhythmic sense and coordination. In addition, they also learn to play different drum parts and include toms and cymbals parts into drumming patterns. At the end of the training, the pupils will form a band and this helps them to develop coordination and teamwork.

Primary 2 - Music & Movement

For the P2s, the music lessons are focused on developing an understanding of the musical elements through movement. Pupils learn concepts like beats, rhythm, dynamics, phrases and more through kinaesthetic movement. Creativity is also very much a part of the music lessons as pupils improvise lyrics, short phrases and perform them for their friends.

Primary 1 - Music (Handbell)

As part of the P1 music modular, the pupils will learn how to play a song on the handbell as a class ensemble with each pupil holding on to one note. Some of the songs that they will learn include ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘I’m a Little Teapot’ and ‘Incy Wincy Spider’. The pupils look forward to music lessons every week as they enjoy having a chance to play a musical instrument. At the end of every lesson, the pupils are all smiles as they express how fun the lesson has been.