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Self-directed and discerning Science learners who are ignited with passion for continuous exploration.

To spark curiosity, interest and creativity in the learning of Science.

In a Nutshell



Core Curriculum


·         Hands-on Inquiry Based Approach to the learning of Science Concepts

·         Experiential Learning through Science Learning Journeys

·         Spiral Approach to Mastering of Science Process Skills

·         Whole School Approach to Effective Communication in Science

·         Science Workshops for Parents




Fueling Passion


·         Magic of Science : showcase of experimental findings by pupils for pupils

·         The Raft Challenge : a first taste of designing and building

·         Seed Germination Project

·         Adopt a Plot : Green Fingers Project

·         VIA in Science : Caring for the Environment and learning from successful Green Movement stories

·         Bulletin Quizzes : based on termly Thematic Science Bulletin

·         Thematic Quiz-Quiz-Trade : pupils learning & revising Science Concepts at their own pace with peers             (3 tiers : Basic, Intermediate and Advance)

·         I am a Young Architect : using recycling materials to house a caterpillar

·         Terrarium Building : using recycling materials to build a terrarium through an interdisciplinary approach

·         Sony Creative Toy Competition




P3 Science Learning Journey at the Zoo

zoo 1.jpg

zoo 2.jpg

Encapsulating our journey

butterfly 1.JPG

(Top Left) Pupils researched on the leaf preference of a caterpillar and brought along their own leaves   (Top Right, Bottom Left) Brainstorm Session - Designing houses for their caterpillars   (Bottom Right) Pupils enthusiastically observing the behaviour of a butterfly

butterfly 2.jpg

Touching up on their final products – housing the caterpillars

butterfly 3.JPGFrom Larva to Pupa